ZOEY’S SHOW FLOPS IN BULAWAYO ! | Few people turned up to watch dancer Zoey Sifelani perform in her debut show at Umqombothi Sports Bar in Nkulumane 5, Bulawayo.


The low turnout last Friday is in stark contrast with the Bev and Sy Angels show that happened the previous week, when patrons were turned away from the bar as early as 7PM. Patrons started trickling into the venue at 7PM and after an hour it became clear that the scores of people  that had thronged the bar last week were not going to be there.

It was a normal night at Umqombothi, not a night when one of the top pole dancers in the country had descended on the nightspot. Credit to Zoey and the Red Angels this did not deter them as they put on a wonderful performance of raunchy pole routines, mixed with hip hop and some Rhumba dance moves.

She started her set at 9PM and ended at 2AM with periodic breaks in between.