WHY I CHOSE TO GO OUT WITH HER! :Vanopa zvinhu always deserve the best.ive been fighting with my wife for the past six weeks,that means kumba hakuna zvinhu and i have to find dzimwe means dzekuti ndiwane zvinhu.WHY I CHOSE TO GO OUT WITH HER !

What i dont understand with woman is you get married and have everything you ever wanted,a handsome husband with a good job,two beautiful kids,money and unotaura kuti im satisfying you mubedroom wega and yet you fight over some silly things.

Its hard for every man out there to go a day without bonde and in my case wangawatove mwedzi nehalf.

This picture was taken on a weekend nerimwe babe randakangoonawo tikafara tese,im sure dai pasina mhamha ava ndingadai ndiripama1.ndakanakirwa zvegore rese and i want more of her everyday.

akanditambira kusvika ndatota and she saw kuti ndozvaitika akandidhonza kuside tikapinda muneimwe room and she gave me a blow after that ndakakwirwa zvekusvika pakupera power.

i love a woman who knows how to treat a man.