Why Does Your Life Become Better When You Start Living with a Girl?

It seems purely visually that there is nothing good in a serious relationship, and it is better to continue to be single, drink a lot and have fun.

Why Does Your Life Become Better When You Start Living with a Girl?

However, you think so because you stay in the dark about things. As soon as you start living with a girl, you will immediately understand the advantages. Many people understand pros of a relationship only after the breakup. Someone is wiser and understands this faster, but most people are ordinary. Therefore, look for a woman, live together, have a good old grumble, make peace and try to describe the indescribable, the charm of living together is in love and joy.

You will not suffer and be mistaken

You can enjoy the fact that you do not need to experience the agony and torment provoked by the cupid, to look for a perfect woman, to go on dates, to worry about trifles, and constantly think what you have done wrong. You have already chosen your partner, and you are happy. Of course, sometimes, living with a girl is rough. You can also face challenges, but lovers can agree among themselves much easier. It is enough to make compromises and please her from time to time. The main thing is to prove that you are as good as you were on your first dates.

You don’t feel lonely

How to live with a girl? You will not feel lonely if there is a woman in your arms, your woman. And now, after passionate ten minutes of s.ex, she will not leave you. There is no space for the sense of emptiness and uselessness. You will rather have a desire to be alone for a while. However, this is an instant impulse that will pass quite soon. Just be glad that you do not have to suffer from loneliness, to buy expensive wine, to clean apartment and to go on a date in the hope of meeting a one-night stand. In your man cave, there are no smells of socks, tobacco, and sadness. It’s frighteningly cozy, there’s food and smells like good life. You are dressed and treated with affection, even if you are not even married yet.

She will stop you in time

Sometimes, you show off, surrounded by a company of friends, you begin to compose different tales about yourself. And then you notice the sarcastic look of your woman, it is contemptuously-pejorative and mocking at the same time. She knows everything about you. She has perfectly studied your stories about russian women in bed and knows where the truth is. Maybe, everyone understands that you talk nonsense, but they don’t interrupt you because they just like when you are embarrassing yourself. And when you see her look, you understand immediately that it is better to shut up than feel like an idiot later.

She will save you

While your friends drink and break their legs, you learn patience, humility and comprehend harmony in the company with your loved one. The days when the entire salary was spent in one evening and the thirst for adventure caused physical injuries were left in the past.

You become mature and better

Living with a woman is comparable with the impression after passing a terribly difficult mission in a computer game. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief and hope that the following missions will not be so difficult but equally interesting.

You seem to have become more mature and more serious because, in theory, now, you are responsible not only for yourself but also for her. Even if it is not so, and she provides both of you, self-esteem will force you to prove in every possible way that you are a leader. In any case, you will surely do that in the first weeks of the relationship. If you’re lucky, you will really become more mature and responsible. And if not, then you will sit at the computer with a sense of accomplishment.