VUSA BITES BACK :STUNNER IS BITTER | Vusa Blaqs, the video director who was blasted by Stunner for being big headed has hit back saying the rapper was bitter and immature.


“He spoke from a point of ignorance and I do not know why he would appoint himself spokesperson of the people I do business with because none of my clients share those sentiments. When people are bitter, they find all sorts of things to say but I believe the work I do transcends these divisions and one man’s opinion cannot change how I work,” Blaqs said.

Despite word doing rounds in the music industry that the music director was indeed flouting contractual agreements, none of his clients have come clean on whether the allegations hold any water.

However, it is believed that a comment by Blaqs on Stunner’s Ndoenda video could have fuelled the bad blood between the two.

Taking to the YouTube comment section a month ago, Blaqs registered his distaste on the video, saying it was a talent-free attempt portraying only one side in the rapper and ex-wife  Olinda love saga.

Blaqs reinforced his comment, saying his opinion was not personal: “We should not be reactionary because we need to look into the future, is it [Ndoenda video] going to be relevant?

This is a man playing victim but not showing the other side; that is how I feel.”