THE REASON USiRi KURORWA :The more yaunomunyima the more yaanoada!

Message – Hie Uncle Kells im 26 year old single mother from waterfalls,i’ve found your recent post’s about marriage advice helpful,Now i have a man in my life and we’ve been dating for six months now,the problem now is why blaz ava vasiri kutaura zvekundiroora??

Ndamboyedza kuita zvandakaudzwa nanamhamha to attract him kuti andiroore but hazvisi kushanda! Please HELP

Uncle Kells

Thanks for writing.As i was going through your messages i was looking for one line rausina kuisa cause thats the most important line when it comes to marriage.

Since usina kunyora about makumbo ako im assuming wakatomupa kare.The problem with you and other Ladies out there is hamuone panonyepwa nepanotaurwa chokwadi.You go through this over and over and realise later kuti ndatsotswa BEANS apa but inenge yatove too late.

When it comes to man havasi┬ákusvaga munhu anovhura makumbo pese pese but ukavhura dont expect them kuti vachati no.If you want to see type inorora wait for a month without makumbo ako involved,the more yaunomunyima the more yaanoada so he is forced to ask kuti babe wangu what do you want? What do i have to do kuti zviite bhoo? and when that Question comes up make sure you are ready to answer.And if he’s into you anenge achitoziva kuti apa paita zvemukadzi kwete hure.

In your case maiguru,kuvhura vhura makumbo ndokwakuparirai.You can as well try to use my method but that is if you are also ready to face the outcome.munhu ajaira kupiwha ukamunyima anokuroora or anosvaga mumwe avhura vhura futi.

Murume wese anongofunga zvebonde all the time he meets a nice lady so its up to you to open or wait for that marriage conversation!

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