THE CDE CHINX I KNEW | I don’t know much about his liberation war credentials as I was too small when these guys were at war but, I very well know him as a brother and workmate at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.


I didnt work with him directly as he worked at Pockets Hill in Highlands while I was mostly
stationed at my Mbare studios Fortress. He was in the technical team and worked with Mzala John Phiri more while I was in the production and presentation side of things. Mr DC used to work mostly night shifts just as I did.

I remember he would call me from Pockets Hill in the night to say ‘Mupfanha wangu ndakateerera, wakaipa unetwunhu twako but kanda ka ‘Vanhu Vese VeMuAfrica povho
inzwe uyezve musi we Saturday ngakaende pa number one mfanami’

(My boy Im listening to you. You are bad (as in very good). You are so gifted lease play
my song and also on Saturday it should be on Number 1 on your Top 20 Hit Parade). We would laugh about it and I would tell him, Mukoma, ini changu kurova chete. Imi neni hatikwanise kukaisa pa number one but povho ndiyo inenyaya yacho( My brother my role is to hit good music but its the people who determine the Hit Parade).

Im so pained by his departure. I have lost a brother, a big fan in as much as I was his fan too and also a workmate. Eversmiling and full of humour he was, I used to tease him by asking him ‘Mukoma muwardrobe menyu mune ma Bhareti mangani ndofungs mune akawanda kupfuura matrauzi enyu., referring to his trademark Barrett he wore all the time.

I last saw him in 2013 when I was preparing to represent my Mbare people in the Parliamentary elections and he said to me, ‘Yah, Mfanami ndimi vanhu vatinoda kuti mutore matomu. Isu takarwira nyika saka yakuda vanhu vanenge iwewe kuti muchiita take over muisvitse pane chimwe chinhanho. Well done and zvivindi zvako nenjere dzako is what the country needs.”

That was the last time I saw Mukoma DC and Im truly devasted. Now, as I write this, I know there is talk that he may be declared a national hero.Well, he deserves it but this
is what causes me goose bumps. Mukpoma DC died almost a pauper.

He was one of the few war veterans who always stood for peace, harmony and love as epitomised by most of his songs like Nerudo, Zvikomborero and of course Vanhu vese VemuAfrica. They did not look at him when he was sick and desperate until his
very last months.

I remember at some stage he even had problems when they wanted to demolish his house under the cruel and notorious ‘Murambatsvina’ project.

I asked him and as a soldier he said to me, ‘Mupfanha siya nyaya iyo haina basa.Ndirimusoja ini; and I obliged. What pains me is now they pretend to love him yet they discarded and neglected him when he needed support at a crucial moment.

They will use his name as a publicity stunt. Why do we do that you leaders? Manga musinga mude mhani munhu uyu, please spare us your lies and fibbs! Let him rest in peace  and may you desist from using DC’s name and legacy for political gain anymore. Im not talking Politics, I’m talking morality. Fambai zvakanaka mukoma.

Eric Knight