Prophet Walter Magaya says men whose wives cheat are weak. Magaya was responding to a follower who asked for advice after his wife ran off with another man.You Are Week Thats Why She Cheat's :Magaya

“If you find your wife with another man and you still love her it’s a good thing. Her cheating on you could be a sign that you are weak, you need to look for what you were doing wrong that might have led her into cheating.

You should also be sure that it you get back with her she will not cheat on you again as sleeping around could be her weakness.”

Another asked : “The bible says that as women we should be submissive to our husbands and at the same time be their helpers. How do I go about it in my case being the breadwinner and how do I become submissive to my husband in such a scenario?”

Magaya said :”It’s normal for a woman to be more hardworking than the husband but you have to be hardworking and be a woman at the same time.

If you fail to maintain being a woman then you are heading for a divorce.

You need to give your husband his rightful position as the head of your home. Marriages survive based on wisdom hence you need to use it to sustain your marriage.

If God blesses you as a woman do not abuse that blessing and maltreat your husband. He might be poor today and yet rich tomorrow.”