LONDON – Tendai Sibongile Takawira, who rose to fame with her AfroTV project in the UK, is in the eye of a storm after posting a video explaining what she said is the reason Zimbabwean women prefer foreign men, especially Nigerians.Storm over video dissing Zim men over dressing and smell

“I have heard many Zim guys complaining about their ladies dating non Zimbabwean men (gimbas). I think I have some solutions,” the excerpt on her 28 November, 2015 video said. She then proceeded to pick on habits by Zimbabwean men that she said were a put off for the homegrown ladies.

Although she made it clear she was not painting all Zimbabwean men with the same brush, Sibongile praised Nigerian men saying they “hassle hard. Those guys just work hard.” She said while the general impression was that all Nigerians engage in fraud, they actually worked hard compared to some Zimbabwean men.

Sibongile said Zimbabwean women were attracted to hard working men who could provide for their women. “Don’t sleep all day and expect a woman to respect you,” she warned in the video that caused much debate on social media.

Her second point was that Zimbabwean men lacked confidence. “They walked with their shoulders down showing a lack of confidence,” she claimed. “Men up and walk with confidence,” she added.

The third point she raised was even more controversial, claiming that Zimbabwean men did not know how to dress and were stuck in the past, wearing baggy jeans, while the world had moved on to slim or fitted jeans.

Sibongile instead praised Zimbabwean women for keeping up with fashion trends while their male counterparts were so far behind and did not know how to dress. “You guys need to catch up, we need to be in synch,” she saidHer last point was that Zimbabwean men smell.

“Guys deodorants are so cheap. Perfumes are so cheap in this country. You can get Umbro, I saw it in Poundshop the other day,” she rounded off.

The video has obviously not gone down well with many Zimbabwean men and the prominent ones on social media like Fred Warlord Tawengwa and Mandla Calvin Gumbo have taken turns to take shots at her. Pictures of well dressed Zimbabwean men are also being posted on social media in response.