SPIKES VICTIM SEEKS HELP | A 43­YEAR­OLD Warren Park woman is appealing for help after she was allegedly injured in an accident caused by a ZRP traffic cop spike.


Nyarai Chituu was injured on January 25 at around 8pm on her way from work at corner Mbuya Nehanda Street and Nelson Mandela Avenue when a police officer threw a spike and missed the target, hitting her in the process.

As a result,Chituu sustained a deep cut on her right leg and she is still nursing the wounds.

Chituu told H­Metro that she was shocked and surprised by the conduct of the police officer.“After hitting me with a spike, the police officer ran away instead of helping me leaving me injured at the scene.

“I used to think that the duty of the police is to serve and safeguard the nation and its people but that is not what I see considering what happened to me. “No action has been taken against the police officer. I went and lodged a complaint at Harare Central Police Station and up to now no action has been taken,” said Chituu.

She added:
“The use of spikes by the police should be banned permanently because the incident occurred at around 8:05 pm and the police were still using spikes at that hour and injured me yet nothing has been done.

“My children need food, clothes and school fees, I also need clutches so I am seeking for assistance in any kind so that my condition will improve.”

Those wishing to assist Chituu can be contacted on 0773906609.