Ritual Bath At Zambezi River Takes Twisted Turn

A pilgrimage to the crocodile infested Zambezi river took a twisted turn, nearly killing 29 year old Yvonne Dube of 1340 Chinotimba suburb in Victoria falls.

Ritual Bath At Zambezi River Takes Twisted Turn

Yvonne was with her cousin Ms Silence Siziba(39) touring the river when they decided to take a bath at a place known for rituals, before a swirling current swept her back towards the river bank and she clung for dear life to a tree na_ked.

It is reported that rangers from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority as well as her boyfriend Mr Khumbulani Msebele (32) used a rope to reach for her.

Police officer commanding Victoria Falls District Chief Superintendent Tadeus Madondo confirmed receiving a report about the near-tragic incident about 200 meters upstream the VIP entrance to the Rain forest.

“I can confirm that we got a report about a woman, Yvonne Dube of Chinotimba who lost her balance while bathing and was swept by the river for about 200 metres while bathing with her cousin Silence Siziba,” said Chief Supt Madondo.

He added that she was lucky to have survived the attack by crocodiles as well as being washed down 200 meter gorge.

Chief Supt Madondo said Ms Dube sustained bruises all over the body and was taken to Victoria Falls District Hospital.

“My advice to people is that they should not to play near the river as there are crocodiles and they can also drown. Members of the public should be accompanied by tour guides,” he said