Being a Drama Queen

According to most guys- having to deal with someone who’s constantly sulking or being overly dramatic is draining physically, mentally and emotionally. No one wants to be around a whiner.It’s downright irritating and is a sure way to dampen anyone’s mood! Dealing with big – baby on a regular basis is one big yawn and guys enjoy being with someone mature and easy to get along with.Reasons Things With Him Could Turn Out Real Bad Real Quick

Not Cooking

Ladies, your mamma wasn’t kidding when she told you ‘ the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ We are saying you need to be a Nigella in the kitchen but you do need to be up on the ante if you want to keep your man happy. Given the choice, a man will choose a woman who can cook over one who can’t. Men love to eat and what man doesn’t want to be withna woman who can cater to his needs?

Being too clingy

Yes, the clinger makes a reappearance- and for a good reason! Whikist there’s nothing wrong with showing your man some love and affection – you really don’t want to the reason he grunts and rolls his eyes ecerytume your name appears on his phone screen…every 5 minutes. Many women make the mistake of trying to force a certain level of emotional attachment and intimacy way too soon in a relationship and this is a major relationship turnoff for most guys. They often perceive this as borderline obsessive behaviour and trust us, you don’t want that.

Arriving at His place unannounced

Regardless of the fact that you’re an ‘item’, you have no right pitching up at his place unannounced- if you’d still like to have a man at the end of it all that is.respecting each other’s personal space is essential in sustaining a relationship. Think about how you feel when an uninvited guest shows up at your dorstep. Exactly!

Engaging in a power struggle

No man wants to be in a constant battle with a hard-nut to crack who’s trying to wear the pants in the relationship. It’s really great that you can be smart, independent and tough all on your own but no man wants to deal with someone who’s constantly trying to size him up. There comes a time and certain instances when you just need to let your man be just that – A man!!!

Nhlanhka Radebe & Charmine Mojapelo