PROPHET ANGEL SHOCKS CONGREGANTS | Prophet Uebert Angel recently stunned an arena full of congregants when he decided to go the whole nine yards by prophesying all the intimate details of one lady’s se_xual encounter with her boyfriend.


The lady, who had come forward for deliverance stood in a daze as Prophet Angel narrated her se_xcapade to the whole audience in prophecy. The prophet raved to the audience describing all the details down to a T. He asked the lady to confirm that she had been wearing blue jeans and pink under_wear while her boyfriend whom he aptly named Garrison was wearing a blue one.

Jaws dropped when he revealed that the lady and Garrison had se_x on top of a brown blanket used a cond_om during the first round, he went deeper and told her they didn’t use protection during their second round.

The lady jumped up and down in awe of the prophet who had prophesied all the intimate details of her life which she thought were hidden.

Prophet Angel continued with his session backed by his musicians who provided theatrical background each time he dropped a prophetic bomb.

Watch the video below