NEW YEAR SURPRISE :MAUREEN LEAKS OWN PICTURES | The woman who appeared in H-Metro wishing for a smart man for Christmas has published her nde videos on Snapchat.


Maury Maks – real name Maureen Makusha – features in the one-minute snapchat video nkd in the pool and in other places.The video has subtitles as she sips on a glass of wine under the caption;“This wine soo good, almost sxual.” As she takes sips of the beverage she would be wearing a t-shirt while nked on the lower body.

She then takes off the t-shirt and poses in the nde while recording herself caressing her priv under the subtitle; “It’s soo hot tjoo” as she sun bathes while by the pool side while pouring some water on her breas.

And as she enters into the water in the nd the subtitle featured is “Ntty me” presumably to mean ‘noghty’.

She then goes in her birth suit to a red vehicle registration number ADK 3143 where another subtitle reads ‘Love the skin u in”.Maureen Thursday initially could not be drawn much into the issue saying;

“I’m done comment in (sic),” she said in a WhatsApp message.She later texted saying she was not bothered by anything.“Makushaya nyaya manje,” she said before adding that the leakage of the video was invasion of privacy.

“Some gal stole my snapshot n posted it on whatsapp. That was in October,” she said.She said she had reported the case with Kadoma Central Police Station saying that she would sue for invasion of privacy.

Maureen then made attempts to preempt the story on social media to offer some explanation before the story was published in H-Metro.

She posted the following on her Facebook Page;

“Before the year ends i just thought id settle this media frenzy once and for all. late october a private video i took on my snapchat circulated on social media , it was leaked by 2 girls who i cautioned , because snapchat is private and i thought twas an invasion of my privacy to steal my videos and circulate them.

I reported the issue to the nearest police station for cyber bullying and they advised me to caution the girls, which i did and i got over it. Adoration Bizure a journo from hmetro confided in me and told me he wanted to write about it, i told him not to . the same Adoration Bizure who claims to be a friend of mine , contacted me last week telling me that he was happy with my vlogs on fb and was going to use them to inspire people. to my utter shock he portrayed me as defenseless. any way , he then called me threatening me telling me that his boss is about to print a story on me about my snapchat. i told him snapchat was private and id already confided in him about reporting it to the police.

“so i got a text from this journalist by the name tatenda. im tired of this costant bullying from these guys. can someone please tell these guys im tired of their stunts, that video circulated a while back. should i be constantly killed for one mistake, if you want to kill me why not just fu**en do it. damage is already done .

dont they have other issues to talk about. snapchat is private ,thats why you cant record stuff from it , im sick and tired of all this media drama, you have cost me a lot and its time i filled for invasion of privacy,” she posted, confirming that she recorded herself in the nude and posted the videos on social media.