NetOne Launches One-Fi, WiFi product for homes, SMEs | NetOne today launched a new home WiFi product called One-FI. The service, targeted at home users and small offices allows NetOne subscribers to buy a WiFi router that has a NetOne sim card. That way they can access NetOne 3G and 4G over WiFi.

NetOne Launches One-Fi, WiFi product for homes, SMEs

The company is selling the router, picture above, for the service. The router, a Huawei product, apparently takes up to 32 users. The router itself costs $130. NetOne says they have terms for paying this but our immediate reaction was that this is on the steep side for a router, especially since they are competing with ISPs some of them offering free installation.

NetOne also has data packages created for this One-Fi product:

NetOne Launches One-Fi, WiFi product for homes, SMEs

So, essentially, you buy a $130 router and then buy one of those packages above. If you’re wondering how you will use those voice minutes if your SIM is the router, the router has a port to connect an ordinary home phone handset.

NetOne is clearly hoping to tap into the home internet market currently dominated by fixed internet providers in Zimbabwe, mainly TelOne, ZOL and Dandemutande.

They are the first mobile operator in Zimbabwe to be deliberate about such a product.

Steep router price aside, whether this is a great product or not, we’re guessing the market will decide.