MY BF DONATED HiS KiDNEY TO ME,BUT HE iS POOR.i NEED A BLESSER ! AM i WRONG?? | I know he helped me when noone could but enough is enough,a guy without a car these days is very annoying,I appreciate his efforts to help me with a kidney but I can’t live hell on earth because of having a poor boyfriend.

All my friends got rich boyfriends,they are all driving BMWs and Mercedes Benz but my so called boyfriend is even failing to buy own bicycle,no no no no this is too much.Now advice me what should I do because I want a blesser,a blesser doesn’t preach about love,a blesser makes things happen.

We are currently not on speaking terms because this other day i brought it up and i told him whats up because in Durban to survive every person needs a fat bank balance.What should I do ?Please help!!