I’M SLEEPING WITH MUKOMA’S SMALL HOUSE | I am a 28-year-old degreed guy but not formally employed. My elder brother’s friend is 36 years old and stinking rich.


I do not want to talk about how he built his empire. He is married and blessed with two children but mukoma ndeve magame. He has a secret girlfriend and they have a daughter and some of our relatives know about this woman.When he asked me to look after the “small house” and always act as the boyfriend when in the presence of other people I agreed because he pays me well.

I broke up with my childhood sweetheart because she could not take it. She said “haunyare kushandiswa zvakadaro?” and walked out on me.I stay in a beautiful rented house and it also has a posh granny’s cottage. The girlfriend stays in the main house and I stay in the
cottage. Mukoma comes whenever he feels like and his wife is not aware of this.

I drive the small house around when they go out. Mukoma usually meets us at a set location. He does not want to be seen with this woman in the same car because of his standing in the community and in the church.This woman is 25 and now we have fallen in love. I mean true love. I no longer sleep in the cottage when mukoma is not there.

For the two of us he is now just the source of our income. We now inflate the prices of the things we need every month so that we have more than enough.This woman says she does not want to be a small house anymore. She wants freedom and true love seyandiri kumupa. I love her with all my heart and I feel like she is being wasted. The two of us agreed to seek advice from you. Please understand, takuda kuvaka musha wedu.

We have weighed all the options if he gets fired up about this when we tell him we will spill the beans. After all he is already married, how can he have a spare wife isu vamwe tisina?
How do we go about this? I know it is going to cause a lot of problems but I have found true love and hapana kusiri kufa.

As usual I will be very honest. I will start by saying any woman with five working senses who agrees to be called a small house because her lover is legally married is absurd. Why settle for that?

She is only 25 and the world is her oyster, she can do and become so much more than a small house. In my view this is not love. I respect the decision taken by your childhood sweetheart because she respects herself. You initially got into this for the money or have you forgotten that?

I would like to remind you that how you get them is usually how you lose them. What happens if down the line another wealthy married man approaches this woman? Do you think she will turn him down? Do not talk about being educated because you are making a mockery of it, you do not seem to reason at all.

Yes, life is tough but there are better ways to try and earn a living. You were employed to look after someone’s girlfriend and now you want her. Are you not aware of diseases like HIV and Aids?I know this is an illicit affair and we do not encourage this, but iwe sei ukuraurira mudish? I do not think you have found true love. I think circumstances and being in close proximity with this woman have made you feel like she is the one for you.

You have no pride. How can you jump in bed with a woman after another man jumps out?

True love is about trust and if you marry this woman you will never trust her. These tricks you are playing kuna mukoma will haunt you for a long time to come. I hope you have not scarred her child. She must be confused when she sees what is going on around her. Munotovhiringidza mwana for life.

You can go ahead and marry this woman but trust me it will be a waste of time. The small house should also remember every choice she makes in life will affect her child. She needs to grow up, life is not about kuchengetwa — it is about constantly working to better yourself.

I advise you to stop what you are doing. A lot of people have been killed or maimed because of the games you are playing.To mukoma’s relatives who go to see the small house and the kid Nicodemusly, muchazoshaya pekupinda. Rine manyanga hariputirwe.

Families should correct each other when other members lose their way. The child is innocent and should be distanced from this circus as much as possible. It is this child’s right to know her father’s family, something must be done. I would be very happy to hear from you again.



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