MINISTER’S EX IN LOVE TRIANGLE | South Africa police minister, Fikile Mbalula’s ex lover, is embroiled in a nasty love triangle.


According to both Sunday World and Sunday Sun, the woman, Joyce Omphemetse Molamu, who rose to prominence six years ago after claiming Mbalula, had impregnated her, is now being investigated by the police after targeting TV personality Uyanda Mbuli.

The woman, shared Mbuli’s private number of Facebook after allegedly accusing her of asking her boyfriend for money. The man in question has allegedly had financial problems and Mbuli reportedly stated in her affidavit that she had helped the man as a friend by giving him money to “save his house and car from the repo men”.

In a Facebook message, Molamu wrote: “Somebody must get Uyanda Mbuli a blesser so she can stop asking our men for money.” She then posted Mbuli’s private cellphone number.

Mbuli laid a charge of defamation and crimen injuria against Molamu and was also unimpressed with allegedly having been called a “stupid bitch” in WhatsApp exchanges with Molamu.

Mbuli has claimed she’s been harassed by strangers as a result.Mbuli’s lawyers confirmed that they had sent a letter demanding an apology in writing or they would consider a lawsuit.

Molamu told Sunday World that she had allegedly discovered that Mbuli and her boyfriend, King Maseko, had been having an affair.

She said she would depose to her own version of events with the police on Monday.