MARRiED MAN CAUGHT BONKiNG GOGO WHiLE WiFE WAS PRAYiNG | Heavy rains that pounded the country on Saturday sold out a cheating husband who was caught red-handed,bonking with a gogo.MARRiED MAN CAUGHT BONKiNG GOGO WHiLE WiFE WAS PRAYiNG

Mai Edith abandoned her prayers in Domboshava Mountain following incessant rains that fell on Saturday night and caught her husband Artwell Ushe (28) dishing out with an elderly vegetable vendor who was only identified as Theresa and is 14 years older than Artwell.

Neighbours thronged the scene at No. 38 Shato Street where the bonking lovers received thorough beating from the crowd before police rescued them and took them to Stodart Police Station.

In the love nest, Mai Edith discovered three used condoms, suggesting that her husband had been ‘served’ with not less than three rounds, assuming that there were no any rounds of unprotected bonks! The cheated woman also found her bucket and a new yellow cloth which she collected as evidence and took the items to the police station after calling her husband’s relatives to the scene.

She said had it not been for the rains that disturbed her prayers, she was not going to know that her husband Artwell – an ardent follower of Zimbabwe Christian Church (ZCC) – was feasting on elderly women.

“He is a member of ZCC and I attend Johane Masowe so I left home around 7pm on Saturday for prayers in the mountain together with church members including his younger brother. It was around midnight when I asked his younger brother to accompany me home since the rains were incessant and I could not believe what was awaiting me at home.

My husband called me several times asking if we had arrived well at the mountain. I was not aware that he planned to take that old woman into my bedroom. Nxaa he belittled me to the last extent.

“After discovering that my husband’s phone was not reachable, I peeped through the window and saw the curtain moving up and down, then found my husband busy feasting on this gogo. I forced the door open in anger and caught them naked and I called his relatives and neighbours to witness this since I could not believe it.

I failed to get the strength to attack zichembere iri (this elderly woman).

I wonder what kind of juju was used on my husband that he couldn’t even look at how old this gogo is. He doesn’t even drink beer that we can blame it on alcohol.

“People jostled to witness the two nakd cheats and they started beating and mocking them.

What pains me the most is that my hubby is not gainfully employed. He goes around lying to people that he is a policeman yet I am the police officer. I give him money to buy clothes for resale so that we can have a better life. Now he is using that money on bonking with this granny,” said Mai Edith a female police officer.

The elderly woman who doesn’t mind dishing out even to married men who are young enough to be her sons-in-law is said to be a vegetable vendor at Mbare Musika.

She revealed that she also doubles as a bonk-vendor after she said Artwell had not paid her for the bonk sessions the two had while Mai Edith was busy praying, and speaking in tongues at the mountain.

“I am a single lady and Artwell has been visiting my workplace openly saying he admired my hips for the past eight days and he told me that he was single. Since my children are grown up, I could not accommodate him in my one-roomed lodgings along Daniel Street here in Mbare. We agreed that he would pay me US$10 for sleeping with me for the whole night and this was our first time. His wife found us having our third round,” she said.

“I still want my money from Artwell because that US$10 for an all-night session is the one that I wanted to use to buy vegetables for resale. He is the one who promised to pay me.

I was beaten by people who thronged this place while I was handcuffed and naked but it was not my fault since Artwell had told me that he lives alone. I have two kids to look after. I am single and I want my money from Artwell. Haangambondikwirire mahara (he couldn’t poke me for free). We could have gone to some local houses-cum-brothels where they charge a very small fee,” she added.

Artwell out of shame denied that he was to pay. He said their sessions were just “friendly matches”.

“My friend, I didn’t agree with her on commercial bonking. We only agreed to have together for the whole night. If she is demanding money, ndezvake izvo. Takakwirana zvikapera,” said Artwell.

But jealous down, the woman is heavily gifted when it comes to hips. Despite being an elderly woman and being a mother of two, her assets might make her a non-rivalled Miss Curvy.