MAi GUNGUWO CHALLENGES WOMEN | POPULAR marriage counsellor and preacher,Pastor Lucia Gunguwo,who has been roped in to be a regular guest at the Glorious Hour which is a child of Interdenominational Glorious Women International (IGWI)meetings held in the capital challenged women not to hide behind their husbands.MAi GUNGUWO CHALLENGES WOMEN

IGWI was founded by Pastor Mary Moyana of Church on the Hill.

Mai Gunguwo said:

“Women have a mentality that they are only meant to do dishes and house chores,that’s not what we want,we want women in business,politics,CEOs, and the husbands should be a helping hand in raising them.

“The fact that women can do dishes is not a problem but remaining in that comfort is my worry.

“We want hard-working women who do not hide behind their husbands and the husbands should also support their wives.”

Mai Gunguwo also encouraged spouses to cool down even if they have problems and leave God to take control.

“As we make a decision to make our spouses public examples,lets brood over it and leave God to take control.

“Read Matthew 1vs19 where Joseph was faithful to the law,and yet did no want to expose his wife to public disgrace after he discovered that she was pregnant ,he had a mind to divorce her quietly.”

However,she promised women at the Glorious Hour to brace for more bedroom issues which have become a daily issue.

“I still have more bedroom issues to discuss about and I am coming.”

She had been part of the Glorious Hour for the past two sessions and is expected back for more teachings.

Founder and president of IGWI Pastor Moyana is ecstatic that Glorious Hour is a development meant to equip women in different sectors of life.

“We have a vision to build a well-balanced woman,IGWI is an all-encompassing ministry which started in April 2015.

“It started as a WhatsApp group and has now grown to seven groups.

” According to Pastor Moyana,IGWI also caters for single mothers,married and young unmarried girls.

“It’s an empowerment programme for women where they are taught on how to deal with the challenges they face every day as women.

” Topics to be covered include,the woman and the law,parenting (raising children),entrepreneurship,marriage with all its different facets,how to develop a strong relationship with God as women,young women will also undergo career guidance and are also taught on how to be self-reliant and be complete person even before marriage.

The Glorious Hour is held every Wednesday between 1-2pm at the Church on the Hill auditorium corner Robert Mugabe and Wynne Street.