A NATIONAL University of Science and Technology student  flew into a rage after stumbling upon a picture of another man on his girlfriend’s laptop.I failed to get a lawyer because of holiday

“Ratidzaishe gave me her laptop to fix it. As I was going through it, I discovered a picture of her and another man on her laptop. I immediately told her I’m calling it quits because there was no use holding on to something which was inevitably not working as she was cheating,” said Tafadzwa Nhambure (24)

“As the argument over the picture escalated, Ratidzaishe threw away my bag with my stuff outside including my school project. She further tried to forcibly take my phone and tablet to see whether I had been doing the same and I denied her. The argument then slowly developed into a fight.”

He told a magistrate that he suffered some injuries on his arm after the lady attacked her.Nhambure, 24, pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and domestic violence.

For the state, Tinashe Dzipe said on September last year, Nhambure assaulted his ex-girlfriend as they wrestled for door keys when they had a misunderstanding. He then locked her in her room and dispossessed her of her phone for three days. She was given a bucket to use when answering to the call of nature and divulged her ordeal to health personnel, leading to his arrest.