KILLER T TOLD :DO BETTER | Killer T’s performance at a press conference to promote his show in the UK has been described as abysmal and unprofessional.


Aldrin Makotore  said :”I was disappointed in Killer T . Everything was laid down right in front of him and in the room were very important people like Goldfinger – Imagine Goldfinger playing Killer T on his BBC reggae session every weekend.

Killer T was the only guest recording artist everyone wanted to question, but he was
being silly and continued to dodge questions. As an artist you should speak for yourself or even take an opportunity to hype and market yourself. Why should Toro answer questions on behalf of Killer T ? Really ? Toro has his own questions as a promoter or just a chip in to pick the artist up . We wanted to quote the artist but he pretended to be drunk . We blame the artist management and his lack of seriousness with the business.”

Belinda Mageyo who kicked off the discussion on social media said :”Looks like UK music tour press conferences are going to be the in thing, one thing I would say to the artists, you need to learn to speak. When you are sitting at the front and we are all sitting and watching you, yes we are listening to your every word and judging you, it doesn’t matter if we are friends, at that particular moment we cease to be your friends but your critics, or people who are there to learn one or two things about you.

As an artist, you need to handle yourself professionally because you don’t know who
is in the audience watching you and wanting to give you your biggest break. It wouldn’t hurt to seek for help from those who know on how to handle yourself in front of the press and people. And press conferences definitely help boosting the artist profiles as well as the tour and highlight the work being done by promoters.”

She said Winky D  was impressive. She said :”One person who really impressed me was Winky D. Very well spoken he represented himself really well. I know when it comes to things like this zvana PR chii chii it’s not really top of the list for our artists.

But things are changing the more we evolve the more they need those skills to help them go far. Don’t shoot me though guys it’s just my thinking.”

Musician Edith Weutonga Katiji said :”The best thing is to advise them there will be a press conference and responses will be expected from them ipapo ipapo and not from manager.

Maybe also give them a rough idea of what it’s like and questions to expected. Otherwise majority haitozvigona and in their quest to dodge they maim their brands and lose an opportunity due to lack of eloquence.”