I’M NOT THE FATHER | A man who married a woman who was carrying another man’s
child, does not want to look after that child 12 years later when the relationship broke down.


Elias Muchadenyika who is now on separation with Viola Muchadenyika has gone to court demanding that the child’s upkeep must be scrapped because he was not the father. But the birth certificate names him as the father. He demanded a DNA test.

“I am questioning the paternity of my first child who is 12 years old. I met my wife Viola when she was already pregnant. I cannot continue paying maintenance for a child who is not mine,” he said.

Elias pleaded with the courts to cancel the $100 he was paying towards the upkeep of the child so that it can be channelled towards the spousal support and the maintenance of other children.

In response, Viola who didn’t dispute her husband’s claims explained that she was surprised by his actions as he was fully aware of the child’s paternity when they got married. She said Elias pledged to look after the child after she told him she was pregnant when he proposed love to her.

“I met Elias when I was three months pregnant and he agreed to look after the child upon its birth. What now shocks me is that he even had the child’s birth certificate registered under his name showing that he voluntarily adopted the child and it is now not fair for him to say the child is not his when he volunteered to look after him,” said Viola.

Elias was however, left with egg on his face when the magistrate scrapped his plea for a DNA test saying he should continue paying maintenance for the child after he voluntarily adopted him before birth.

“You were fully aware that the child is not yours and you chose to adopt and raise him as your own. Because of that we cannot scrap the maintenance and you are ordered to continue contributing towards the child’s upkeep,” ruled the magistrate.