I’M NOT POLITICAL :JAH PRAYZAH SPEAKS OUT | Popular musician Jah Prayzah says his music has nothing to do with politics despite interpretations made on social media.


There has been debate on social media following a photo shopped poster of his new album due for release in October. Jah Prayzah himself released the poster on his social media handles as part of his regular updates to followers on the projects he is embarking on.

In an interview with H-Metro, Jah Prayzah said he will not let social media mischief affect his plans to unveil his next album Kutonga Kwaro on October 13.

“I am aware of the debates on social media, but then there is nothing one can do on such things because there is always going to be social media mischief, especially if you are popular at that particular time. It is the price you pay. My music has nothing to do with politics and I don’t lose sleep when people make false claims. So my only concern as far as the album is concerned is to decide on the number of tracks to put on it because we have done too many tracks.

The decision will be on whether to make them 10 or 12 out of the many we have worked on given that the average length of my tracks is four minutes”.

There had been some critics who felt Jay Prayzah should drop the album title to steer clear of controversy. “I am sticking to the album title and I know people will understand and realize that it has nothing to do with politics when they listen to the track.

Even if I were to change the title, it would create debate again with some now saying the original title was political and the changes would have been due to pressure. It is a battle you cannot win because either way people will talk. So I will not pay attention to those trying to politicize my music, which has nothing to do with politics”.

Meanwhile, Jah Prayzah and his Third Generation band left Harare early this morning for the United Kingdom, where they will feature in the 2017 edition of ZimFest Live, a conglomeration of Zimbabwe’s diverse artistic and culinary cultures as revelers celebrate Zimbabwe in the diaspora. The festival is on Saturday.