I’M GOOD IN BED : WOMAN WOOS WICKNELL | Businessman Wicknell Chivayo says he has been overwhelmed by applications for his potential wife advert.


He is now sifting through the lot and will be conducting “serious interviews.” He posted one particular message from one woman who does not qualify but whose message touched him.

She wrote : “I don’t have any qualified degree but got a degree rekugona kukupai my heart and love 100%, am not rich and l don’t have money. I am a qualified and experienced Spa/Beauty Therapist. I am the only child in my family and l lost my parents a long time ago.

Am thankful and grateful to the Almighty who gave me my grandparents who looked after me nekundidzidzisa hunhu hwandinawo. I am currently single because am tired of getting played and lied to. Am not from a rich family and andna kukurira kumusha but l can cook sadza rezviyo, mhunga and l love zvinyenze.

About a month ago l sent you a message asking you to buy me a ticket to UAE kubasa but you didn’t reply maybe because you always busy. Well ndakazoshandisa salary yangu yese ndikatenga matickets endege from Cape Town to Johannesburg and from OR Tambo to UAE. Mwari vakabva vandiitira nyasha and got the job.

Am a Christian and l turned 29 on the 4th of Nov. Am not a talkative person but l talk when it’s necessary. Am a proud Zimbo, I love my country and l love my president.

Well ndangonyorawo hangu but l don’t know if you going to reply me as there are plenty of ladies dying to marry you. I have lived with my Tete and she taught me a lot on how to satisfy a man so I am also very very good in bed.

If you find time to read this all l can say is Thank You.



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