My boss is very lazy. I am a 17­ year ­old maid and I do my work with all my heart. Being a house girl is no easy job because unozorora nekurara semuranda.I WANT TO SLEEP WITH MY LAZY BOSS'S HUSBAND :MAID

My problem is I work for a very lazy woman. She is married and has two kids, a boy and a girl. Zvekuroorwa zvine lucky because I do not understand why her hubby married her. When I am off duty pamba panosemesa even the kids are not properly looked after.

My problem is I do not like making my employer’s bed but this woman cannot even clean her own bedroom, ngavarege kuzochema kana todanana nevarume vavo.

Inhamo zvayo, zvimwe hazviite.


It seems you are not touching on the actual problems, you are mixing issues. You say you do not understand why this guy married the woman you work for, surely you are not expected to know because it does not concern you. You describe your boss as lazy, I wouldn’t know.

Maybe she is as you say, but what do you expect of her? Do you want her kuita zvema duty newe? I don’t quite get it.

My advice is let the law protect you for it clearly stipulates that before you start work bvumiranai mashandiro amunozoita, this should be in black and white. This is the first step so if you don’t like making beds or anything else let it be known before you sign.

There are also stipulated hours dzebasa kwete kuzorora nekurara. If the two of you are in agreement no one will be taken advantage of. I am glad you do your work with all your heart that’s what it should be.

I always say children are precious gifts from God so looking after them well is highly commendable. You sound like a very smart maid but what you said in your last sentence does not sound smart at all.

Oh no, ichi ndicho chipfambi chaicho. Cheating with someone’s married spouse is very risky. You are a young hard­working girl full of potential, use your current employment as a stepping stone to do better.

I wish you all the best.