I FEEL OLINDA’S PAIN :MUDIWA | Mudiwa Hood says he has been touched by Stunner’s wife, Olinda’s meltdown videos.


He said : “those videos touched me…I feel her pain…to go live on Facebook was not even drama No…Olinda was hurting and like she said she had no one to confide in, I personally went to her mothers funeral, in honour of my colleague, she should have been very close with her mom I suppose, anyway…Am so sorry, May the Lord make you a stronger and successful woman.

To see a grown woman crying is heart breaking. I literally saw my own sister in her. I am very sorry Olinda, I know I am an unlikely source to comfort you but I will be so inhuman(more than the devil) to laugh at you, even him…in these times.

Showbiz has limits this is real life, Am so sorry again from deep down my heart.

Money is sweat, effort and time… the hardest thing to do is to part away with it especially to a stranger who you in union with cause of love and trust. When others are seeing this as wrong you women helping your man( husband), I will say to you did very well, one day he was going be a world star and pay back.

I felt your pain and again as men we apologise to you Olinda and all the women who have gone through these circumstances.Please the last thing to do when a man betrays you is to take away your life, it is not worth it. Pick your self up, gather all the broken pieces and do not give up on life, rather train your handsome son Olinda to be a better man, through him the world will be a better place for future generation.

To all the women who have gone through or are going through something of this magnitude, I am so sorry on behalf of all men, we are not perfect, but cheating cannot be justified whatsoever…we are sorry and may the Dear lord comfort you and give you strength to be better and successful women.

Please leave the two solve their differences, and hope for the best for both of them. I am now in a relationship happily and i pray i will be a good husband one day.

Please i am not involved in all the memes and fake whatsapp chats with my name.



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