HOW MODELS GET FLAWLESS SKIN :CHECK THIS OUT | With so many close-ups on magazine covers, we wonder how models achieve such glowing complexions.


Here’s how:
– Using toner instead of face wash in the morning

As mentioned in a PopSugar article, washing your face too often can cause more harm than good. According to the article, it can cause excessive greasiness and can throw your complexion out completely. So, it’s a good idea to only cleanse your skin at night while using a toner in the morning.

– Use olive oil to remove makeup

Olive oil is top model Grace Mahary’s lifesaver. According to Mind Body Green, oil will naturally dissolve dirt on your skin without stripping anything away. Create a mixture of castor oil and olive oil and you’re good to go.

– Keep your diet constant and lower your sugar intake

You may have noticed that articles about health and skincare tips mention the negative effect sugar has on your body. It can cause premature aging, wrinkles and fine lines, according to experts.

– Coconut oil is the answer to all your problems

When you’re either out of face care products or simply don’t have them at hand, try grabbing some coconut oil. Coconut oil is a standby of natural living. Top model Devon Windsor swears by it.

– Drink lots of water

Naturally, we should be taking in more fluid than food solids.

– Exercise

Yeah, don’t just sit there! Find fun ways to become more active throughout your working day – even if it means taking extra bathroom trips.