FOOTBALLER ASSAULTS DRIVER WITH A BOTTLE ! | Footballer Tapiwa Mangezi is accused of ganging up with a woman believed to be his girlfriend to attack a motorist with an empty bottle following a misunderstanding sparked by parking space at Kebab Bar located in Newlands, Harare.


Mangezi, who was once arrested for driving without a licence, is standing accused of ganging up with Alice Ganya to attack Richard Matasva whom they left with a cut on the hand.

An hour after the attack, Mangezi is said to have picked a brick and smashed the rear windscreen of Richard’s car.

Mangezi and Alice were arrested and taken to Harare magistrates’ court charged with assault and malicious damage to property.

The duo denied the charges when they appeared before magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa who remanded them out of custody to June 19 for trial on US$30 bail each.

Prosecutor Netsai Mushayabasa had it that on May 26 at around 11pm, Richard parked his car at Kebab in a parking bay leaving another space in front of him.

Mangezi later arrived and asked Richard to move his car so that he could park on a space that he had left in front of his car, a court heard.

Richard is said to have agreed and moved his car giving Mangezi room to maneuver and park his car on the free space.

Accusations are that Mangezi went on to park in the bay where Richard was parked and asked him to find another free bay to park his car.

Richard is said to have asked Mangezi why he had decided to park his car on the parking bay where he was initially parked.

It appears as if that did not go down well with Mangezi who asked Richard to do whatever he wanted before he poked him with his car keys on the mouth.

Alice is alleged to have slapped Richard in the face whilst he was talking to Mangezi.

As if that was not enough, Mangezi reportedly broke a bottle and attacked Richard on his right hand leaving him with a cut.

Richard was rescued by the joint’s bouncer before he went into the bar.

But the attack was not yet over.

After about an hour, Richard was told by some revellers that Mangezi had smashed his car’s rear windscreen with a brick.

Richard took the matter to the police leading to Mangezi and Alice’s arrest.