FACTS ABOUT FALSE EYELASHES | FALSE lashes are great for making the eyes pop and adding dramatic flair to one’s costume or outfit – but they can also be a nightmare to apply and remove.


Whether one prefers temporary strip lashes or individual permanent lashes, there are necessary safety measures you need to take.

– Eyelashes need to be done by a reputable professional with the use of high-quality products. Any allergic reactions could cause loss of natural lashes, eye damage and can sometimes cause loss of sight.

– To avoid any irritation, do a patch test to determine any allergies beforehand.

– Natural eyelashes protect the eyes from dust, sweat and any foreign materials. False lashes tend to trap dirt and bacteria. Consulting with a professional to get the best results and maintain high standards is important.

– False strip lashes are also great for temporary use, but should not be kept on for too long or more than 48 hours.

– If you love lash extensions, make sure you take the necessary breaks to avoid your natural lashes from being permanently damaged or infected.

– The best way to remove fake lashes is to use a special remover to soften the glue. Aggressively or incorrectly removing the lashes could cost you your natural eyelashes.