CHIYANGWA FUMES “hauna kana cash mfanha” | When it comes to the prolific Phillip Chiyangwa, the phrase ‘put your money where your mouth is’ comes to mind. The mogul, known for his crass approach to social media was engaged in another war of words with one Brighton Musonza.

CHIYANGWA FUMES "hauna kana cash mfanha"

The lucrative millionaire has had quite a good season this year with his star rising higher in his newfound career in sports administration and he has made it clear that he won’t let anyone steal his thunder.

Last week it was announced that the Zifa president was breaking new horizons by negotiating a deal which will see the country hosting English Premier League clubs from time to time. The deal will also ensure that Zimbabwean players will have the chance to become part of the English clubs, which is every aspiring player’s lifelong deal.

However one Brighton Musonza decided to call Chiyangwa’s bluff and called the whole thing a hoax. In a lengthy post on Facebook, Brighton lambasted Chiyangwa’s deal as shady because of the appearance of the photo used to make headline. He called it ‘un-English’ as well too informal and cheap because of the dressing together with the venue of choice. At first glance it lacks all the trappings of a lucrative deal.

Chiyangwa responded in clap back mode and used the image of Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg who known for his casual dressing which doesn’t reflects his status. In his post Chiyangwa kept it brief but savage

“Musonza tarisa izo $130 billion yakapfekei, you keen on dress code. Apo iwewe wacho hauna cash. No Gucci belt, No Armani suit, No D&G shows, No Rolex watch, No fashionable outfit and No Single Piece of Jewelry. The goal is to be rich, not to look rich,’ Chiyangwa said, using Zuckerberg as a fine example to highlight his point.

Brighton hadn’t responded yet during the time of going to print.