CAPS United coach Lloyd Chitembwe says the Green Machine should never embrace mediocrity and must always fight to be champions. Chitembwe: CAPS SHOULD ALWAYS BATTLE TO BE CHAMPSThe gaffer said while he would not put pressure on his men to finish in the top four, he wanted them to know that CAPS United were not a team that should celebrate mediocrity.

“Trying to come up with a team that can compete is our immediate target with the long-term thrust being to build a team that can sustain what this club aspires to have,” Chitembwe said ahead of their date against Highlanders at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday.

“CAPS United is a club which deserves better than a top-four finish. We shouldn’t be satisfied with mediocrity, fighting for number one, at least two, it’s understandable, we missed it this year and should have a big say next year,” he said.

“Like I have always said to my colleagues, this is a transition, this is a transitional period the club is going through and during a transitional period a lot of things are expected to happen.

“And we just have to make sure we concentrate on the job we are meant to do as individuals, players, coaches, administrators and fans because it is a transitional period. “What I am just saying is during that period we should be very realistic with the targets we set for ourselves.
“I don’t think we did start the season that well, we had our own issues and because of that, for people to just expect a great season, I don’t think it is quite informed.

“I am very happy with the progress because normally during a transitional period it is not possible to achieve the type of results we have achieved.

“What the club is going through is very normal considering it is a transitional period.”

He said he wants his players to enjoy home comforts, and win matches in their backyard, beginning with a tie against Highlanders on Sunday.

Chitembwe saw his troops drop two points against Buffaloes at home in his first game back in charge and then go away to Hwange where they posted a stunning win over the coalminers.

The Green Machine have been the best performing team, away from home, in the championship race and, if they had converted their away form to points in their backyard, they would have been leading the championship race by a mile.

Yesterday, Chitembwe said they need to start feeling comfortable at home.

“We work to try and have the best for the football club. It is a process, the team has been doing well in the away matches and, so, obviously we are looking forward to a change of fortunes in our next fixture at home,” said Chitembwe.

“We are happy with the progress so far.

“I am very happy with the way the boys have applied themselves, particularly in the last two matches.

“They have shown great improvement and what is important is the enthusiasm, even if you don’t do very well, at least, there is a starting point.

“It was a very good result away in Hwange and the team takes glory, not me, but that is no longer important now.

“What is important is the coming match against Highlanders. We expect to do well on the day. Our target is to try and do well in this fixture and we are looking forward to the game.”

Chitembwe believes there is no need to put themselves under unnecessary pressure to finish in the top four.

CAPS United are yet to concede a goal since Chitembwe took over as head coach.