XOLILE knew he loved his sugar mama when she told him she loved his strong 4-5.BEN 10 LIVES IN FEAR

But the trouble started when he sent her a very private message meant for her eyes only.THE MESSAGE, LIKE THE CHEATING SUGAR MAMA, ENDED UP WITH THE WRONG MAN.

Xolile Sizani (25) stares at the messages on his phone and confesses he is living in fear.And he has reason to be scared.Among other things, the scary WhatsApp and SMS messages promise him he will be struck by lightning, vutha will set his bed on fire and he will see worms coming out of his 4-5 before he dies.

Xolile, who lives in KwaNobuhle, said the threats are coming from his sugar mama’s husband, Phumzile Bele (62).Xolile said he met his lover in a tavern about 18 months ago.

“She told me she was starved for s-ex and was looking for someone young with a strong 4-5,” he said.She said he was that man.

“She asked me to be her Ben 10 so that I could satisfy her and I fell in love with her,” he said.But then Xolile’s lover had to go back to her husband in Khayamnadi, Despatch, about 20km away. “I sent her a message checking if she had arrived safely,” he said. But it appears her phone was with her husband.

“He phoned me and I immediately dropped the call,” said the young man.At first, Phumzile kept phoning Xolile from private numbers but then, on Saturday, he took the harassment to a new level.

“He left death threats on my WhatsApp and Facebook page and he is serious,” said Xolile.One messages read: “U slut uzoyeka ukuthatha abafazi babantu. U hv pushd me 2far.”

It continues with death threats and a serious warning: “Kudala ndikucenga ndisithi leave my wife alone sifebe,”

Another threatens it’s payback time.“Ukuba ndingubani u don’t mess namabhaca uzayibamba ngesandla lo pipi yakho,” reads another.

Xolile said Phumzile told him he was an iBhaca from Pondoland and he could do anything he wants with his life.“I want to end the relationship, but my girlfriend refuses. She insists that she loves me and not her husband,” Xolile said.

Phumzile admitted he had sent the threatening messages to the Ben 10.“What am I supposed to do when this boy is after my woman?” the angry man asked.

“He can get me arrested if he wants to, but that is my wife.”The sugar mama got angry when the SunTeam visited her.

“Mind your own business!” she said and slammed the door.Warrant Officer Gerda Swart
advised Xolile to open a case.