‘BARREN ‘ WOMAN WHOSE HANDS WERE CHOPPED OFF IS PREGNANT | A Kenyan woman whose husband attacked her and chopped off her hands after relations broke down over their childless marriage is reportedly pregnant.


Shortly after the attack, Jackline Mwende said that doctors had told the couple that she was fertile and her husband, Stephen Ngila, was impotent.In an interview with the Daily Nation newspaper she said this drove her into another relationship.

She says she was desperate to have children and decided to have the affair “to save my marriage”, but her husband – who is now facing attempted murder charges – found out.

“It was after the attack that I found out that my husband had asked my neighbours to spy on me. They were the ones who told him of my trip to Machakos with the man on the Saturday I conceived.

I wanted a child. I was desperate and it is that yearning… and probably the devil too… that made me stray out of my marriage.It was wrong to do it and I know people will judge me harshly for it, but I am remorseful because I was desperate.

“Knowing that am alive today, and that I will be a mother soon, is the silver lining.