BABA HARARE RESCUES JAH PRAYZAH | Baba Harare saved Jah Prayzah’s blushes when he turned up at the last minute to play the lead guitar at his show in Harare.


Jah Prayzah had frantically called Baba Harare to rescue him as he had not found a replacement. Baba Harare real name, Braveman Chizvino quit Jah Prayzah’s band to go solo.When he was about to stage his first show without Baba Harare, Jah Prayzah had to go on stage while his band was only playing instruments.

He did not do this when Baba Harare was still around because he used to lend his vocals singing renditions of old Jah Prayzah songs before the main act came on stage.

With no lead guitarist, Jah Prayzah had to beg Baba Harare to bail out him out. When he arrived at the venue, Baba Harare was received with wild cheers as if he is the main man.

“They phoned him (Baba Harare) to attend this show. They begged him and had terms they agreed on,” said an insider.

The insider said Jah Prayzah had to use his longtime confidante Lloyd Kurima, popularly known as Mabla 10, to persuade Baba Harare to show up.



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