$50 STORM :SNIPER SPEAKS | Sniper Storm has spoken out after he was offered $50 to perform at the recent Jah Cure show. He said what the furore had shown was that he would not perform for peanuts.


“One statement that came out of the clip is that we are not cheap to that extent, this is why we could not entertain the idea. I just wish that their communication style was more civil, it seemed as if they were out to spite instead of clearly telling me that they could not accommodate me on their roaster.”

Sniper, real name Donald Chirisa added :“From our investigation, the clip was sent by my management to the promoters in a bid to talk the issue with them after I had informed them of the treatment I had received, we are not sure of how it ended up in the public domain.

“I am not comfortable with my private business being aired to the public. We suspected that the clip may have leaked from the promoter`s end but we are not sure of what really transpired,” he said.
Some have questioned the appropriateness of his approach to business, the standard practice is that the manager negotiates gigs while the artist focuses on the creative aspect of the business.

In the clip, Sniper was soliciting the performance on his own, an action he is unashamed about.

“Even the President of the country travels to other countries to try and open up areas of cooperation with other like-minded countries. So why can`t I do the same for my family and band?” an unapologetic Sniper said.